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1.  Tender:Turkey: Technical Assistance for Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Location – Turkey / EuropeAid/134786/IH/SER/TR / Budget:  EUR 3.333.500

Tender:Turkey: Technical Assistance for Result Oriented Monitoring in Turkey-Phase II, Location - 
Europe (non EU) / Turkey (TR)  / EuropeAid/135216/IH/SER/TR / Budget: EUR 2.996.000,00

3.  Tender:Support to civil society organisations (CSO) in the Turkish Cypriot community through inter-alia tailor made assistance, trainings, capacity building and networking with Greek Cypriot and other European Union's CSO, CYPRUS, Europeaid/135176/C/SER/CY, Budget: EUR 1 400 000
4.  Tender:Technical Assistance for the Running of the EU Programme Support Office in the northern part of Cyprus, Location – northern part of Cyprus, EuropeAid/135177/DH/SER/CY, budget EUR 1,700,000.00
5.  Tender:Iraq: EU – Iraq Energy Centre (EUIEC) Iraq,  EuropeAid/135554/DH/SER/IQ, Budget: 4,000,000 EUR
6.  Tender: Tunisia: Mission d’appui institutionnel aux entités bénéficiaires des appuis complémentaires du programme d'appui aux politiques publiques de gestion des ressources en eau pour le developpement rural et agricole (paps-eau), tunisie,EuropeAid/135434/IH/SER/TN ,  Budget maximal Lot 1  : 3 600 000Euros, Lot 2  :   385 000 Euros, Lot 3  :   450 000 Euros, Lot 4  :   790 000 Euros, Lot 5  :  500 000 Euros
7.  Tender:Belarus: Technical assistance to support the development of green economy in Belarus Location – Europe (non-EU) – Belarus, EuropeAid/135512/DH/SER/BY, Budget: 1,600,000 EUR
8.  Tender:Asia: Technical Assistance for Developing the Computerised System for the ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS), Location: Asia — Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, EuropeAid/135040/DH/SER/MULTI, Budget: 3,000,000 EUR

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