Prolink International is providing consultancy services in given sectors through proven experiences of its skilled consultants world wide (Middle East, Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin American regions). Sectors provided by Prolink International are given below;


Sectors ;

1-  Regional Competitiveness and SME Consultancy

·         SME Development

·         Local and Regional Development

2-  Governance

·         Local Development Strategies

·         Decentralisation

·         Civil Society Development, Institutional Support for Planning, Managing and Implementing  

3-  Social Human Resources Development

·         Social Policy Development, Social Inclusion

·         Employment Promotion, Women and Youth Employment, Labour Market Analysis

·         Social, Economic and Cultural Rights, Justice, Cultural Heritage

·         Education Lifelong Learning, Vocational Education and Training

·         Support to Civil Society Organisations (Non-State-Actors)

·         Human Rights and Democracy

·         Good Governance & Democratic Governance

·         Social Sector Policy, Gender and Minorities

·         NGOs, Food Aid and Food Security

·         Water and Sanitation, Rehabilitation & post-conflict development  

4-  Infrastructure Development

·         Construction Supervision

·         Waste Water Treatment Plant

5-  Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

·         Management Information Systems, Information Communication Technologies  
          Development, Database Management, Share point Development  & Web Site Development

·         Communications Strategy Planning and Delivery, Conferences, Seminars, Trainings,
          Study Visits

6-  Agriculture and Rural Development

·         Agro business

·         Agriculture

·         Food Safety

·         Land Management


7-  Internationalisation and Foreign Trade

·         Globalization

·         Industrialization

·         Advanced transportation

·         Multinational corporations

·         Outsourcing

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